"We cant leave without him" Bill preparing to fight of the incoming horde

Shitty Thread titles. C&C and jazz please.


Bill can do it.
He’s hardcore mode.

I like the pic, but seriously, something out of you that isn’t L4D would be nice.

And where is that light coming from? Jesus? :iiam:

I’m gonna guess “Mr. Offscreen” caught on fire and is running around to the right of the camera.

Why does bad shit always happen to mr. offscreen? :frown:

Combine, make a pose out of Bill standing on a pile of dead zombies with two machineguns in each arm and shooting at incoming tanks while Louis and company runs away in the background.

“How Bill should have gone out.”

That’d please some people.

You need to work on your posing first, damn. Francis’ legs are bended way too much, it looks hilariously painful. I also don’t get what he’s shouting at, and you managed to break Ellis’ neck as well.

The posing on Zoey is just fine, it’s just pretty dumb how she’s reaching her arm out as if she can’t move her legs. The exaggerated faceposing on her also contributes to how ridiculous she looks.

Now Bill is probably the epicness of this pic, The posing is spot on on, along with the faceposing, and that sexy lighting.

Is it just me, or did the finale of the Sacrifice really suck? I was expecting something far more epic, and Bill died so lame it was unreal (or any of the other survivors for that matter).
Francis’s legs look kinda wierd, the way he’s standing, they are waaaay too bent. And his faceposing looks a little odd to me too. Posing is fairly good overall. Needs moar infected though.
Also, where’s peelz? :confused:

The black guy always dies first, doesn’t he :saddowns:


Aint doing anything till I got lighting right since I can only do an idea once.
Thanks for the idea though, defenitely gonna use it.


Also, Louis model is bugged and invisible for me, I dont know why.

U replacin de black guy with da hick!!!
Im joking.