We can't play no keys

I don’t mean to be rude to anyone but it’s kinda disappointing that no one of us new players can play the game. Duo to frankie from youtube there are now a large amount of people interested in this game but have no way to join or obtain the keys. I won’t count the drawing contest as the chance is basically 0 to get a key duo to large amount of players want to obtain them.

So yeah i’m kinda pissed off that you can’t even buy the game, so basically only special players can play it/discuss about it etc. , and many of these players are hackers that don’t even deserve a key from what i’ve heard of youtube commentaries.

So yeah kinda disappointing.

Its an freakin Alpha…

I wish they did what minecraft did but I see why they are limiting keys.

You talk about how most of the players are hackers and don’t deserve keys, yet your name is keylogger…

Yes and i am sure lots of players want to play it including me.

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My computer was hacked for the first time by a virus called keylogger 11 years ago, that’s why my name.

its in alpha but still only streams / youtubers can get keys from what i see. i think they should let other ppl play as well.

It’s Pre Alpha, anyone mature enough can realize that this game is far from complete and even allowing some people to play is more than enough to ask from Garry. Just give it 6 months and hopefully, an open beta will be up.

It’s Pre-Alpha go key begging somewhere else.