So, here is it. The scenebuild is done and I made a little bonus! Enjoy!
I almosto forgot, I would like to thank to Joazzz for ideas and a little song, znalecc for his patience where I had to place the lamps etc, and Hauptmann for his critique. Thank you guys!


Thanks for the edit, Sharker, many thanks.^^






that lighting is really yucky

there’s also like
no depth
and the colours are pretty bad

The concept behind this deserves a winner.


tell me one reason why you chose to give the whole thing a flat bright red tint instead of using basic color theory and creating a desaturated, dark blue-ish cave with careful orange highlights from the lava

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you can’t just slap colors all over the place like that

You’re taking a step in the right direction compared to your previous work. You’ve learned the mechanics of lighting in gmod, but you just need to take some time to work on the fundamentals (color theory, contrast, composition, depth, ect)

Check out the sticky in this section. There’s some really good and relevant posts about exactly what we’re talking about. Read some of those and listen to what we’re suggesting and you’ll see improvement in no time. In the meantime, just keep trying and do some reading.

I will try to change it. I’ve got the save.


I think an even more important point in this case is where the light is coming from. I don’t mean to be an ass using my own pictures to make a point, but it’s the most readily available thing I’ve got. In [this picture](https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/17239680/Facepunch/Photoshop Contests/ScreenshotEdits/TallonIV/Caverns/1080p.jpg), there is a similarly “all orange and red” color scheme. While it has a lot less going on, I think what saves it is that the lighting appears comes from the magma itself. In poses like this, it is IMPERATIVE that you think of where the light is coming from in the image, and make sure it makes sense. You hardly even notice the molten rock in your image because it isn’t the bright, major light source it should be. Instead, all the light comes from some invisible source in the distance.

You can fancy it up with some color theory shenanigans, but you can pull off a cool monotonous image as well, the lighting just has to make sense.

I remade it a few days ago and it just needs some edit for the torch, maybe some lava edit.


in poses in general it’s imperative that you THINK. everything needs to make sense. this pic is a mess only because you were a dumbfuck and didn’t use your head. my pics look the way they do because i use basic logic; A leads to B which might have an effect on C and D needs to respond accordingly.

why is it so hard for most people to use basic logic?

UPDATED - So I changed the ol’ crappy work for the new edited one by Sharker, many thanks mate!

now that’s what one could call an improvement

Major improvement. Even if the rocks weren’t blue, it’d still be better. The light is clearly coming from the lava now, it all makes much more sense. You can hardly tell they’re the same scene.

In the future, as Joazzz said, it’s really important to THINK hard about everything in your picture. For better or for worse, the Source engine uses almost all baked forms of lighting, meaning that it won’t do any diffuse/reflected/ambient/whatever else lighting for you, unless it’s already baked into the map. Paying attention to those little details is what makes an alright image great.

For some reason I half expected there to be butchery and gore with a title like that…

Much better, now it looks like they’re mining during a full moon, which is pretty neat.