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This is my first pose

Probably should have put it in the pose posting thread, this really isn’t thread worthy.

Posing looks awkward, there’s basically no shading, and the camera angle\field of view isn’t good either.

Look into photography in general for tips on angle\view, and things like the rule of thirds.

Ok atleast I tried i guess this isn’t for me

Nobody’s perfect at their first anything. Once you have the know-how and the patience to spend time on your work, you’ll get much better.
You can’t give up just because you didn’t get it right the first try.

Thank you for your kind words , I will try to be better in the future

You just said it’s your first pose. Just take the constructive criticism and don’t think, “It’s not perfect, so I have to quit.”

Can anyone give me some good posing tutorials ? , I would really appreciate it .

One of the easiest and best things you can do is look in a mirror or at reference images similar to what you’re going for in a pose.

For posing angle, a simple thing to do is “step back and zoom in” it generally gives you a better field of view for scene images.

Thanks bloocobalt for your help

There aren’t any posing tutorials. You have to practice a lot. I would change the flag because they’re nazis and not 'muricans. :v:

Pretty much what bloo said.

Look at things that get high ratings, and check out this thread, where you can a) see people improve over time, b) get even more constructive criticism and c) see what really good screenies look like.

You seem to be good at taking criticism, which is an excellent first step.

common sense and your own brain

Here’s a gunposing tutorial for ya, it’s the only one I could find.


Thank you very much I really appriciate it :slight_smile:

No probs :slight_smile: Best of luck!

i gave a dude some tips on making his posing in action scenes more dynamic with this


Thanks for the help posing tips :slight_smile: