We Demand KillCams - so we can see if their cheating

Kill cams would take a load off all this “nice hacks” crap everyone is complaining about, and give admins the proof they need to ban hackers faster and fairly. I’m thinking a COD themed kill cam that will will allow players to see how they were killed by watching it happen AND allow admins to watch kill cam history, so they don’t always have to despretly hope some player was video recording. This would make banning hackers x100 more easy and quick. At the least add in the option to have kill cams

And I know someone is going to say " it will give away their location etc." well how about only admins can view them?

I disagree, Only reguarding that you could tell your fellow clan members where exactly you got killed from. Which could ruin the game IMO.

He just said only making them admin viewable. I guess it would require the server to keep a short “recording” a min or so before and after a kill for later viewing if needed. The question will be I guess how resource heavy that will be on a server

I would just say keep the recording for about 5 - 10mins then have it auto delete, this way it takes up less resources.

Dude, I don’t think 10 mins is needed. I think a few secs, up to a min is perfect adequate for what you’re asking. Think about a 300 slot server, people dying every 5 mins, imagine all those recordings that need to be kept for say, idk, 6 hours in case an admin isn’t on. That’s a huge amount of data to collate.

You “demand” killcams?

How about this: Killcams ONLY for the servers that enable it. I don’t want my hiding spot shown because you got mad you got your brains splattered. :smiley:

Besides, you’ll call cheating for anyone better than you.

A killcam renders all stealth capabilities null. Because the moment someone who’s hidden kills you, you’ll know exactly where they are.
Should be disabled by default, servers that want it can enable it.

we demand killcams…


why not just make a better anti cheat that only keeps the film if it the players movements or his game perimeters are unusually fast or accurate

or am i talking bull lol

game is virtually an fps might as well go all the way

first this is game is pure survivel, second actually good fps don’t have kill cam because this is not nice at all. just soft and pathetic fps use kill cam. FPS need be hardcore, you don’t need know how rounds are in the gun, you don’t need know the exactly life point you have, all need be naturally and without this bullshit in FPS games. Rust is really damm ok have one and other idiot stuff but fuck-off because actually is not a fps game

I demand fruit smoothies.

There. Me saying that makes it just as likely to happen as you saying it.

Id feel better seeing myself getting dropped.than just boom over goodbye wood

Apparently we all do.

Wrong, rust right now is under the survival genre, but is in no way a survival game. The only thing that makes that game survival in anyway is when you’re trying to dodge bullets. This game is currently just an fps shooter. There are no survival mechanics in the game at all. Except maybe a bear, but they can be easily avoided.

The game is so shit now compared to what it was 6 months ago, the kos wasn’t so bad back then. These days if you see someone they’re guaranteed to shoot at you if they have the means to do so. The players are what’s destroying this game. Watch a guy spawn on the beach, shoots him
See someone completely naked with a rock running past your house while your completely safe inside your tower shoots him without a second thought.

Don’t say this game is pure survival, at the moment it is the exact opposite, it’s pretty much cod with base building right now.

And that’s coming from someone who loves this game and has been playing for well over a year.

well i really kill a lot of idiots just because i am naked with waterpipe shotgun, and avoid bullets is somekind of survival, anyway have food system, cold system, animals (2 hostile need more i really know this one), but survival agains humans or nature still survive, gathering resources and fight agains this danger. i play rust since the realse, and it never change in the core, had humans the most killers and dangerous thing in game, have hostial like animals and some time the hungry system, build as changed a lot, weapons are coming back now with some force, gathering changed a little but it had a good time now. stop crying about no sense retards, since legacy this game is survival with a huge FPS aspect that just do the survival better and enjoyable

But, as hahapingazzz said, people are just KoSing people. Whenever I respawn on a server, I have to make a huge detour to avoid being killed by people who are camping in their houses with bows. I pose no threat to them and I only have a rock and a torch, and they kill me anyway.

all those mechanics you just mentioned are shit. The cold and heat are something I forget about until I lose alil health while randomly running around naked to scout. I just respawn for food or eat a ton of pumpkins/granola bars before a raid.

You don’t try to survive in this game, you try to raid/shoot other people. It’s essentially a base building first person shooter.

The animals are pointless, they’re a dynamic resource node who pick off sloppy players

At survival in rust, humans are really more dangerous than other stuff and it is the main reason for kill anyone. i played hurtWorld for a little period and is the same as here, almost everyone will kill you for nothing

Actually, try to survive agains the others players is really more difficult and fun than avoid a wolf or killed by the cold. In real life you can pass a long time without eat anything, and can drink really few amount of water to survive, survive in rust is really easy, but is close with reality, in other games are everything really stupid, like eat every 10 minutes running or you start losing life points not is like that bitchs and are more dumb compareted with eat at 1 day and half (1000 eat points dure this? i already die from starve in rust) i don’t know, the game is soo fine, the minor and pointless details are the main topics here, i don’t get it