"We did it, mate!"

Posing is a bit stiff, and the hand gripping the gun seems really oddly done, as well as the arm twist on the far left gripping the sword, depth of field seems really out of place, and the frame seems relatively empty. Also, your anti-aliasing is nonexistent, I would suggest putting all your graphical settings to max right before taking a screenshot.

Overall, decent job, but there’s lots of room to improve.

Thanks for the tips! I made this pose in like 20 mins so that explains why the posing is stiff and such.

You using better phys or default phys?
If your using the default phys install this http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=120771

It’s definitely the better phys. Look at the demo’s right hand - there’s a weird glitch with the phy where the demoman’s right hand will be detached from the arm.

Take your time, whats the rush?

Me wanting to be done. I know, stupid reason.

This is actually pretty good,needs anti-aliasing and all that,but it’s really not that bad. I think you are more cut out to be a screenshot guy rather than a machinima maker.

Yay it’s 2013. :smiley:

Awesoem picture mate!

Woah you improved.

Needs antialiasing, and some tweaks to the posing and it’ll be grand.