"We don't go to Russia"

yeah, i was kinda screwing around with some of the MW2 and COD4 ragdolls and this is what happened. i used MOH guns. let me know what you think

Thats some shunky texture quality right there. You should up your settings before taking a pic.

yeah mine is strange, i have all the settings at max and it still does this…

The picture is so green o_o

Since when do people hold there guns like that?

since when do people use slings?

The picture is so russian!

Horribly lowres textures though

Green is so 2005, now everyone uses Brown.

The posing and comp is pretty decent. The only thing holding it back really is the model quality.

The lighting and composition are okay, actually. They’re just extremely over-shadowed by the low-res textures, the gratuitous green tint, and the dull subject matter.

Look at the picture and ask yourself this, can you see a sling?

I agree and I also noticed as mentioned earlier being there is no sling and he has one hand on the gun in a incorrect position I believe that he could be holding the gun like that without his other hand on the stock of the gun or handle

some people cant edit a sling nor is there a sling model… use your imagination to imagine a sling. I did and i didnt complain

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also i’d hold my 74u like that if i had one irl…

slings are easy and i bet i could do one
that or ropes

i tried ropes, didnt work too well for me… but im sure you can just draw a simple one ect.

The only gun you ever will hold is your pea shooter at night… while you are in bed… if you catch my drift.


If you held one like that, you would drop it. He is only holding the 74u with one hand, and that is at the foregrip, and the gun is on an angle, so most of the weight is higher than the hand is.
A gun is not a light piece of plastic.

Psh, you talk as if you know guns. I have an airsoft version of the 74u, it is so realistic, same wait and all- i hold it with one hand on top the grip all the time. (no I am not trolling (/sarcasm))

You missed the part that the gun is on a sling.
The guy didn’t add a sling, but it’s supposed to be on a sling.