We got here too late

edit by s1nk0


-> To explain presence of both American and Russian soldiers in the picture; they are supposed to be fighting a common enemy and I’ll probably even make a couple more screenshots to develop the story further… Maybe.

And uh… C&C as always.

why is the green light so dull and flat?

Seems like some of the finer details are lost in the edit. I didn’t even notice the soldiers kneeling in the background until I looked at the original. Also, I think that’s a signal flare on his chest, not a glowstick. Either way, he wouldn’t wear it on his chest like that.

Did you even look at the unedited pic. It’s a glowstick from the WarZ pack. Soldiers often wear either IR strobes, or more rarely glowsticks, to mark themselves friendly. Wearing one in the MOLLE weave of your vest is definitely plausible.



Neat picture tho, I like the lighting, although it is extremely high contrast.

To be honest, I think I like the original more if it was fixed up to be puuurdy.

Fantastic job on both :slight_smile: