"We gotta destroy that weapon!" Ramirez, Foley and Dunn Occar Mike through the battle


I did my best to make a tank blast. :stuck_out_tongue:

And yes, that is a Dino-Propelled-Laser-Mounted-Missile-Loaded-Juggernaut-o-Doom

I got too lazy and I didn’t bother to learn about the lighting. :stuck_out_tongue:

Needs lighting.

They look heavily super-imposed because their lighting/color doesnt fit with the map.


Tank’s blast needs to have more firey colors, and alot less yellow.

Aww crap I spelled Oscar wrong.

Occar hehe.

I think you can change the title of the thread if you just made it.

Fix’d :smiley:

EDIT: Damnit! It doesn’t work.

Why is the tank shooting vomit?

Those crazy Russians and their dinosaur mounted weapons of doom… :v:

Roflmao, great and hectic as always

What does oscar mike mean?
It’s like the only thing they say in mw2…

On the Move

Ohh I forgot, that Dino-Propelled-Laser-Mounted-Missile-Loaded-Juggernaut-o-Doom is the most awesome dinosaur I have seen.

The Russians and their Dinosuars remind me of that old show called Dino Riders or something like that.


destroy that weapon

For some reason that dino reminds me of a mammoth mk II walker from command and conquer…


do everything

Do I spot mustard shooting tank?

Where the fuck did a dinosaur come from?

Isla Nublar of course…

ahahaha nice