We had to

…do it

I’d appreciate any kind of critique, thanks in advance.


I’d appreciate some feedback, guys. Thanks.

I gotta say, this is really good. The scene build kinda reminds me of I Am Legend if i remember correctly. I love the posing you did with the guy sitting on top of the truck and the LMG dude on the right.

It could just be me but I feel the transport is a bit too bulky for the scene.

you may have at me

I think it’s good, also I’m digging the guy about to get executed in the background.

The scene build is good other than that black from the windows on the skyscrapers it really stands out.

The skyscrapers seem too dark brownish because of the fog that you did. Somehow pure strong white bloomy sky doesn’t go well with dark brown fog, maybe light/dark blue would work here. Great posing on the guys though.

Where’s the swat truck model from? I don’t think I’ve seen it before.