We Have Been Loot By a Hacker and Player



I just banned this very same guy from our server 15 minutes ago.

An player is loot with him, they are together. and they trying to pretend they not hacked at first. but they find out they can’t even get in. then they build stages just ignored our tool cupboard. and still can’t get in. So this guy just fly shift in with killed me and my friends. destroyed all of our box… what a day…

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this guy is in london server

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take a look…



Hackers work…

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where can i find GM to ban this player?? thanks

if you had a tool cupboard your wall or upstairs in your house, this would have been very unlikely. If they had a hack to build wherever, why would they build a tower?

I’ve seen some cheaters use fly hack to capture all cupboards and then build towers so the thing looks more legit.

^^ This. A lot of cheaters will do things to make it look more legit.

When hackers go out of their way to appear legitimate to avoid server admins, you have to start to assume they have absolutely no fear of EAC/VAC.