"We have come to the Harvest once more! Your souls belong to the Star Gods!" Necrons continue their conquest...

…Of the pony planet!


I added the vignetting effect just for you Zerax <333333333



Hoho I’m a massive populist. I’ll have this be my last anti-pony picture… for now.

I’ll answer some questions right away.

-Yes those are the DoW Necrons although heavily modified.

-No, the Lord was made from a default Necron model.

-The weapons are from Fallout 3 and the Lord’s wascythe was made from the parts of the gauss flayer model.

-No I am not releasing the models, not yet anyway. They’re far too low-quality and also a bit unfinished.

-Yes that is the default DoW Monolith, but with added self-illumination shaders.

-Yes I would love it if someone would port the actual Necron (and Tau) models from DoW DC or Soulstorm.

Is that a cowboy hat?

I think one of the ponies wears a cowboy hat.

The Necrons fits perfect.

Extreme as always.

I can imagine that pony planet looking like this:

Oh god I love all of your work Joazzz

I’d rather see it looking like this:

Another damn masterpiece, (Hyperbole, but you get the point), great work as usual mate.

You should make some sort of finale image too. Like a battle where all the races in Warhammer ally for the battle.

Sweet…you should do a pic with the Tau if you get the time to do so.

rated artistic just for vignetteing

Oh fuck, they’re back.

more like this:

turning them into the matrix?

[sp]the numbers and letters at the bottom[/sp]

I’d consider Exterminatus more effective.

More like


More dudes standing in a pyramid!

Cyclonic Torpedoes used in Exterminatus do that too.

more like