We have encountered the enemy, and the enemy are...




I tried to do a muzzleflash, both to explain the light projecting the shadow behind the spider and just to see if I could, but it didn’t turn out as well as I would’ve liked. Crits and craps welcome.

I love giant spiders. :v:

Isnt really NSFW.

Nice picture, i laughed at the dog since its just barking which doesnt affect anything.

Unless they have Arachnophobia.

Awesome though.

“Get back you EIGHT LEGGED FREAKS!!!”

I loved that movie.

Once again. You have managed to steal what I was going to say.

I am upsetted.

How you made the muzzle flash??? @.@

i liked :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re going to need a bigger newspaper.

One man run…one dog still fight
Nice pic.

lol why is there a dog in there

You really haven’t heard about russian secret program of dachshund’s combat use?

no i thought they stopped at the psychic parakeet project

Guys, the dog is actually a spider in disguise.

The Thing?

Speaking of The Thing, this reminds me of a movie. That blur is fuckin’ extreme though.