"We have landed on Equestria Prime, Xenos Resistance detected" - Space Marines and the Local population


These Ponies are a fucking pain to pose, I really need to work on my Blood
Anyway, Say whats wrong with it, say what’s good about it, and remember, Xenos: That shit is EXTRA heretical

What an original idea.

Although very poorly executed

Yeah, I reckon I’m getting the hang of it now though

It is clear what my legacy for FP will be when the time comes.

Another one of these threads

and all I can say is


It’s very impossible to pose the pony ragdolls so don’t expect poses of them to end up looking nice.
Any amount of movement makes the model spas out, constraints are very unlikely to work, and any application of decals like blood will cause the game to crash.

This is the second Warhammer 40K vs MLP:FIM pic I’ve seen on the forums today. I have to say that they continue to get better every time I see them. Nice work!

The light on the Apothecary is far too bright and seems to bring the relatively low-res nature of the DoW models starkly into view. That’s the main problem in my opinion, the rest is alright.

You sparked the idea, but I’ll leave the pure awesome versions to you

The apothecary’s light is a bit too bright and the way the space marine is holding the bolter on the left is a bit off, otherwise it’s a nice pose, good job.

I wish I could do something like this but there aren’t any really good Tau Ragdolls or Props I can use.

Do Chaos, They’ve not been done and I’m going to continue using the marines

It’s no Joazzz picture, but it’s still pretty good. The lighting on the Apothecaries isn’t wonderful, and the background is pretty bland.

Wasn’t I the first one who made Kill all ponies pic?

Regardless of who it was you’ll both end up the same way: violently murdered by brony zealots and martyrs to the rest of us.

That apotechary looks weird, like he is about to shit or something like “Let’s do some squatting”.
Maybe one of his legs more to left/right so that leg would be more straight.


I was the first to introduce Warhammer 40,000 to it :v:

Over my dead fucking body. Oh wait

Incoming 5 pages, again.

I wake up and see this. My days hardly started and its already been glorious.