"We have to get there without being spotted, Comrades."

Very awesome. The posing is great and the scene is well edited. Keep up the good job, saud.

How the hell are the guys at the top not noticing them?


it’s just a gmod picture, dude.

Yeah, but still man. They have to be pretty deaf and blind not to spot them.

yeah… that’s true

I shoulda make them “low-profile’d”

So gmod pictures don’t need to have any kind logic?

I mean I thought you talked too concretely
I knew somebody would say that.
actually they are close by poles. actually they can’t see them.

thank christ, no more random dust.


aside from the aforementioned issue of this being a ridiculous situation, nikolai’s shoulder is fucked. if you can’t get it to pose right in gmod, at least try and fix it with photoshop. don’t just leave it like that. all of the guys under the dock look like they had their feet cut in half because there’s nothing to signify they’re standing in water. no splashing, no ripples, no reflections, no wet trousers, nothing. the backdrop isn’t really that interesting, you could’ve taken a lot more time to fill in the empty spaces and break up the boxy brushwork.

THAT SAID, i am so very fucking pleased there’s no dust or monochrome overlays.


by the way, any halfway switched-on soldier would hear them and quite possibly even smell them. they wouldn’t get that close unnoticed unless there was an ungodly amount of background noise, some really strong smell masking theirs, and nobody on that dock was paying any attention to the water, since it would be rippling and splashing in places it shouldn’t.

I would add random dust.
reminding you saying “fuck stop that”
so jesus. I didn’t



which is good, because random dust is really fucking stupid.

see, you did less boring samey bullshit, and it looks better already.



nikolai looks like wee man

lol he doesn’t unless he is short

You sure love war do you?

What is with all the deaf soldiers in these pictures?

I think I have seen this already, over and over and over again.

Why the fuck do Russians have an Austrian gun (AUG), A french gun (the famas) and a gun that i dont even recognise but i know its not Russian.
See kids, thats what infinity ward does to you, they make you think the Russians use Israeli, Belgien and only a handful of Russian weapons.

I’m just wondering why one of the Enemy Soldiers has a Thompson.

Thompson makes sense because they enemy soldiers look more like rebels, so it makes sense for them to use any weapon they can get their hands on.