"We, humans, are not this important in the universe" - Space based screenshot.


Tried to keep a bit of suspense in the title.
No that happy with the blood.

some props and 1 ragdoll isnt too much of a screenshot

this is… terrible.

This is awesome reminds me of the ending of the Terran campaign in the original starcraft

Depends of what your screenshot is supposed to show.

I don’t know why the first 2 posts are so pissy.

I really like it, simple… But effective. :v:

It looks really nice , the blood seems a bit weird imo.

Well I don’t see you offering any advice. And sometimes composition is more important than complexity.
I think this is an good shot, I just think the Marine should look more like he’s in space. He seems like he has a bunch of momentum throwing him into the ship.

it’s not the complexion of the picture that makes it great, it is the composition. and i, for one, find this picture to have great composition. the blood isn’t great but it’s acceptable.