We know solo sucks but are there any disadvantages to working in groups?

As a solo player I can spout off the amount of negatives/disadvantages like a sub-machine gun. However, I’m curious to those of you with experience in both, to share with us what you’ve come to not like about group play, if anything.

A few things I can think of are maybe not having exclusive privileges to create that perfect tower you wanted or maybe having to share loot in a raid.

Let me know your thoughts, I’m interested!

Tactics over numbers. One player can destroy 3 that are oblivious, likewise 3 players can destroy one player that is oblivious. There is no generic “best” way to do things.

Working in groups? Like with randoms? Getting stabbed in the back as soon as you contribute something of value springs immediately to mind.

Here is my suggestion to survival in Rust: Work with a group when you and everyone else around you has nothing. Get some gear, maybe a bow, some arrows and enough food and resources for a furnace. Then get the fuck out of there.

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There is though. Playing with friends is pretty much the best way to play because you are p much guaranteed that they wont kill you for your stuff and can be reasonably reliable to watch your back.

Your friends would have to be pretty fucking oblivious to let one guy kill all of you.

I agree with you completely. If I intend to stay longer than that I would consider having their steam information and a call going on skype just to be sure. Even at that, I’m sure some of you have been betrayed and disconnected from the call.

. . . and yet I have done it multiple times. I have even caused players to kill thier teammes in the confusion as I was only one guy and mixed in with them being scattered at night.

As I said, it comes down to tactics. Just simply “being bigger” does not ensure survival. If that were the case all of these bambis would be rocking the servers. :stuck_out_tongue:

What? You’re confusing numbers with working in a group. For example; 4 people who have played DayZ/whatever and play Arma missions regularly would do far better than people who haven’t , and certainly better than a ragged group of randoms.

Unless the one guy vastly out gears the 4 people working as a team, the solo guy will die or at least escape and try to hide.

how could 3 not be better than one?

imagine any other FPS, if you were playing quake they would have shit on you unless they’re really bad players

When you’re working in a group, you have to be communicating pretty well to coordinate the group. If a group of people runs into my compound I can just run outside and jump into the middle of them and they will likely shoot each other trying to kill me. Then, when out of name range, they can’t see that I’m standing in their chaos circle looking around for me. Then I just shotgun one of them in the face, run around a rock, come back in to the group, and blend right in.

Groups in this game have both advantages and disadvantages, but the larger the group the more extreme each advantage or disadvantage becomes.

While it’s hard to point out the disadvantages to working in groups as compared to just running solo. I can think of a few.

  • Working in groups it can at some times become a little confusing when assaulting another group or even a solo player. Friendly fire occasionally happens.

  • Sharing resources can have it’s faults.

  • If you’re sharing a base with multiple doors it can become frustrating having to have someone come and open up a door for you.

  • Seems that there is usually that one person who forgets to place a sleeping bag down. When that player dies it can become frustrating and time consuming to meet up with said player.

This is just a few off the top of my head.

When it’s only you, you can shoot and try to kill everyone. When it’s a group, you have to try to identify who is in your group.

Certain groups would (and still do) use all kev plus rad pants, for example, as a uniform. All great until you do the same and watch their confusion as their supposed teammate starts shooting them.

The disadvantages I think are outweighed by the advantages in general. Numbers can make even mediocre players a force to be reckoned with because they are getting more shots off, can guard bodies of those who die, etc.