We like to code for fun.

I made these as a while ago as practice for understanding lua better.
They’re obviously not the best thing out there but they work.

The code is messy but i din’t really wanted to clean it up… :v

Jetboom, Particles layout ( i make my own now but it was nice for learning. )
Necrossin, for answering my silly question and allot of help.
Box, support and testing.

Can i use these!!!
Yes you can.
You can do what ever you want with them, Just Credit me and the people Above.

What is this?
I had and idea to start a thread where people can post stuff they made for fun or practice , post anything you want. ( Unleash the melon launchers! )

What did i make?
These are some zombie nextbots, Enjoy them.
they can:
-Destroy props
-kill you

How do i make them jump?!?!?!
I added an entity in there called “ladder_jump”, place those in the map where you want them to jump and watch( you may need to edit the nav_mesh to make them take the path. )
I may clean it up and add some particles to it And add it to the spawnmenu ( if you guy’s are intrested )

I like these and i want more!
If there is enough interest i might make more( i still have to add a couple i left out. )
Let me know if you want it.

Download link:

Github ( i hope i did this right… )


here are some pictures:

You should really put your code on GitHub.

I’ve played around with these and they are very cool Nextbots. I’ve download this and I’ll have a play around later since there doesn’t seem to be all that much info on them, good work!

(You may also want to post some pictures and stuff)

Done! Thanks for the suggestion!

Thanks! And Done!

What exactly IS this?
Like what is it?

What he posted was a Nextbot Zombies addon that he’d made but really this thread is for posting anything you made for fun or practice.

You are right, i wanted to start something fun for people to post there experiments they did for other people to maybe learn or use. Don’t be scared, anything is welcome!

I added some stuff to the OP, hope this makes stuff more clear.