"We lost everything in that war..."

Comfort is nice anywhere you find it.


Incoming hearts.

they lost everything BUT I GAINED EVERYTHINGGGG


i am now a crowbar wielding hero who doesn’t care about anything

When I read that I looked again at your avatar. It was eerily fitting.

Hooray for fingerposed vorts!

I love pictures with vorts, no one ever uses those models. Have an artistic.

I love using them. :buddy:

Typical Ben_Wolfe picture. Nice.

I’m with The Combine on this, although I don’t know if we are insinuating the same thing.

You’re an idiot. There is absolutely no JPEG artifacts in the picture.

You’re the kind of guy that sees things that aren’t there. “Hurf durf, PNG is much better than JPEG.”

I’ve seen a guy that took a JPEG compressed image with lots of artifacts, saved it as PNG and said it looked a bit better. I can imagine you could do the same.

I don’t think you know me very well.

I hate PNGs. Like… I actually despise them. Really, I do.

I thought the jpeg quality looked off here because the textures on the Vortigaunts look unusually blurry, as do the edges between foreground and background. This, to me, makes it look like jpeg compression as the result of not saving the in-game screenshot at “quality 100”.

Now that I look more closely however, it seems that what I am seeing is probably Ben’s use of a grain filter.


I think you should refrain from being so aggressive in the future and making assumptions as to another’s personal tastes.

That’s like sex to my ears to hear.

Most likely the grain, yes.

I enjoy being aggressive, so no. I’m not mad though. I just like to nibble and bite people.
I also like to be positively surprised by peoples intellectuality rather than let down from their lack of it.
Oh and I don’t treat others in a way I wouldn’t allow them to treat me.

“This is more than anyone can bear, but we will persevere” - The Sore-Throated Vortigaunt.

Me likey pic.

Too bad vorts aren’t gender specific :frowning:

Those Vorts have nipples…

I honestly think those are their nostrils. I mean, anatomically (?) it may make some sense.

Thanks for the comments.

I have never seen a sad Vort, they are always happy.

I bear a special bond with the Vortigaunts. They reveal their true emotions to me.