:We Miss Drew Gaming::US-Cent:100slot Fresh Server. Sleepers/Airdrops/DoorShare/Fun Events/Zero Admin Abuse!

Good day there Rust Community!

My name is Special K and im proud new owner of a spiffy new rust server!

EDIT: If you bring in a group of people 5+ One member of that group will receive admin privileges!

  1. The one admin must be 21+
  2. The one admin must be mature and add me on steam for a interview and have ventrillo installed so i can talk to him
  3. The one admin MUST BE MATURE!

I’ve just started my new, fresh, brand spanking new Rust server hosted in Chicago, with Oxide and Rust++.

I want to create a friendly and fun place to play Rust, I hated going on servers and seeing Admins Abuse their powers, acting like children and just ruining the server and other peoples experience. I want NONE of this what so ever, on my server i am just like you, you can kill me, raid me do what ever you want, all admins will earn everything just like players and they have no special rights other than the ability to kick and ban. This is very important to me that my admins are as friendly and mature as possible with not even a hint of abuse.

I will run the server the way you guys want it ran, if you want a something then just talk to me.

Press F1 at game menu then type in: net.connect NO CAPITALS

What the server offers:

-Absolutely no admin abuse of any kind what so ever!

-50 slots - Will upgrade if i get enough people in here!!!

-Extremely friendly admins (Currently Have 4 But looking for more! Please send me a msg asap if you are interested!)

-Friendly server in general, i refuse to have people throw harsh verbal abuse at someone, Just play and enjoy.

-Door sharing (So you can share your base with a friend or friends

-Private messaging (Talk in secret :P)

-Airdrops once a day, Don’t wanna spoil you guys too much :stuck_out_tongue:

-As a welcome package i have littered the map with lots of airdrops, Get joining and get looting :stuck_out_tongue:

honestly guys, i run this server for who ever chooses to play on it and i promise you i will do my very best to insure the best gaming experience i can. =]

Lets create an amazing server, I can only do it with your help!!!

Im still tweaking things as best as i can, any issues please add me on steam :chunky_wizard my screen name is Special K

Current Commands You Can Use Ingame:

/Share “Playername” - Share all your doors with that player.
/Unshare “Playername” - Unshare all your doors with that player.
/Adminhelp “Message” - To type a message to only the online admins.
/History - See the chat history.

Groups has alot of commands:
/gcreate Name - Create a group with this name.
/gdelete - Delete a group.
/ginvite Playername - Invite a player to your group.
/gcancel - Cancel the Invitation (Sender and Receiver can do it!).
/gaccept - Accept the invitation.
/gleave - Leave your current group.
/g Message - Sends group message.
/gwho - Shows online group members.
/ghelp - Group help commands.
/ginfo - Shows the group name and member count.
/glist - Shows a list of all groups (names).

/List - See all currently online players.
/pm name message - Sends a PM to that player.


Press f1 on menu and type in net.connect

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