We miss you gmod 9...

Have you ever seen a nice dark roleplay server in gmod 10 with maps like rp ovicity or hometown , where people dont minge? In gmod 9 everyone just nicely roleplayd and no1 wanted to just go around random dm… I dont want to go back to gmod 9 … But is there actually a server where people come to your computergames store and buy your fake hl2 game chase prop? I dont think so… But if there is, post it here, thankyou!

Great thread.

I miss it too, it was brilliant, it was more LightRP awesomeness where people actually roleplayed.

bscly=darkrp=minges that cant build use this
falloutrp=epic,but not many play it
light rp=was epic
darkrp edits(like over 9000)=all shit

EDIT:shit douple post

There are actually some servers where people dont minge because the server has admins. (good ones most of the time) So yeah… Keep looking.

I miss UCRPM + vehicles + old school roleplay maps :frown:

I just refer to the chat box as the “Argue Corner” and try to enjoy the game mode…

It’s going to depend solely on the admins. People are minges no matter what. A good admin team needs to be in place to block them from ruining people’s good time.

I hosted an RP server in HL2DM for about a year. Just a straight up dedicated server with a modified script and 16 slots. I found three reliable admins who were on often, and gave them basic kick/ban abilities, as well as RP controls.

That was the difference between me being the only admin, signing on in the afternoon, and seeing the server in shambles, hack attempts, glitchers, and various other BS, and having a smooth running, minge free server.

My perma ban list was pretty damn long, but as long as it stayed on a popular map, the server was active.

I used to play on BB’s roleplay, but last time I checked, which was like 5 months ago, it was still down. There was the occasional DMer, but there was always an admin there to govern. And everyone roleplayed, except for some of those “Donators” who sit in their baraccaded houses.

ya that got me hooked on Gmod!But it was Gmod 10 not 9.Still sounds fun.

Sorry for self-advertising,
There is a script like that, GMod RP:

Don’t play DarkRP.

It’s really hard to find a DarkRP server without:
-Admin abuse
-12 years old admins and / or server owner
-Prop killing
-Mic spamming (with annoying kid voice)
-Blocking the spawn with props

I’ve never seen anyone roleplaying on DarkRP.
But I’ve seen people roleplaying on CakeScript (which is public), TacoAndBanana, PERP, GModRP.
The reason why people are not roleplaying and doing the list of things above is the script itself.
DarkRP forces people to DeathMatch and Prop Kill.

The updater himself (FPTje ) never roleplays, and instead he Prop Kills and Minges on the gamemode he’s updating !
I went to a server with FPtje on once and got spawn prop killed by him
Here’s a video that proves it:

1:43 - He even admits that he’s a MingeBag !

[editline]13:37 DarkRP is not RolePlay.[/editline]

Totally agreed with.

NoXiousNet DarkRP Server.
It seems pretty good, i’ve had a good review from a friend of mine.

NoXiousNet is full of douchebag admins that minge on other servers. they even for fun just sometimes put a lua virus on their server so when you join ur gmod gets fkd up. that sounds like SO much fun.

the way to survive in dark rp is freinds authority and guns…lots o guns

I remember old Gmod RP, where you put your money in your name.

This was quite a few versions ago.

Who the fuck cares if admins minge on other servers

Got banned permanently (1st offense) for saying melee weapons in AwesomeStrike were overpowered. :v:

Try Taco 'n Banana.