"We must protect the prototype!" Two germans escorting an important officer


Alternate title “Ich glaube nicht das sie uns sehen” Translate yourself >:D
Alrighty, a WW2 one for you guys, if you look at the glass hes using for a mirror, theres a dead german in it :aaa:

I thought it looked pretty good overall. The guy with the BAR seems a little off, though.

Awesome! where can i get the COD5 guns/ragdolls?

Nice job!


You can’t :v:

Really nice posing, but the USA soldier on the right is holding his gun weird.
What a pity that those models doesnt have faceposing, it would have given this pic alot more life.

Also if he wants to sneak on the USA dudes, he shouldnt stick his rifle out like that, also he would grab the mirror in another way, unless he is dumb ofc :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the dumb.
I’ve only been banned for two weeks, and missed everything in that time.

What does that have to do with anything?

Love the pic Hunter.

this is great nice posing

That’s what I call a prototype…

Great work, mate. The right soldier only looks a bit stiff. But overall It’s great!


The american soldier in the back looks stiff.

I don’t understand why someone would rate you dumb
for stating the truth.

Nice screenshot, it actually looks like COD5 in a way, with the COD5 ragdolls of course, where did you get those anyway, you ported them?