We must RESIST until we die.


Click for some awesome HD

For RESISTANCE! :smiley:
Nice work.

Nice models and skins and good posing on the rebels. The camera angle is nice enough and the blood is good too.

The Combine’s neck is rather too arched and you should work on your shading (highlighting and shadows) to bring a big more life into your pictures. Right now certain parts of the picture seem really too flat and lifeless like the clothing on the citizen on the right and the rubble too.

Source can handle so much shit.

It looks great m8.

Lol fingernails on the black guy.

It should read “Let’s run away and live to resist another day”. That woman is a dirty girl. Nice finger posing.

The dead burnt women looks scary :X nice work man.
Altho I dont like the bright void in the background for some reason.

Oh the woman is dead. Shit

looks like the black guy have some nail-color-thing…

Half-life 2 isn’t what is used to be…
However I like this shit, nice use of fakefactory skins/models/whatever.

Nice. Where’d you get the soldiers?

Probably Neo tokyo

I remember that group chat where you nagging about the size of Fake Factory :smug:

Was definitly worst deleting 40gb of games.

The soldiers are from Fake Factory’s CM 10, the combine is a Neotokyo’s reskin made by an awesome guy. So awesome I don’t remember his name.

As said in Garryfr.com, I only like the shot guy, on the left of the screenshot… :S

I mean. Why resist until we die. Why not “We resist to die” It’s like that stupid slogan. “It is a good day to die”. Rubbish. It should go like. “It is a good day for everyone else to die”.

That is how wars are won I would venture to say.

Dunno. Maybe this is just to show how motivated they are.