We need a open-source Oxide

You may ask why. Well, the reason is simple: Oxide is available for Windows only (depends on VC Redist 2012 x86 - see http://forum.rustoxide.com/resources/oxide-server-mod.3/ ) and new features / bug fixes depend on a static group of developers.

So this is a call to developers with access to the Rust server software: Go start working on some kind of open-source Oxide. It should just give LUA developers an API, build-in plugins are not required (and I think shouldn’t be there anyway). I would do it for myself but I’m a C++ n00b and don’t have access to the server software.

The game’s in alpha and server mods are tricky business right now because they depend on modifying the server, which is also not for public release at the moment.

I know. But that doesn’t change the fact that it is needed. And the sooner the better cause then it’s already available and tested when the server software goes public.

Leatherloader is completely open source. Not sure what more you want.

i agree something needs to change. myself and EquiFox17 are working on a new open source mod api with scripts done in javascript with good security in place to keep GSP’s happy.

Don’t get me wrong, Oxide is great but its closed source and scriptable with only LUA (which isn’t everyones cup of tea), you’d have to rely on only thomasfn to add/update more hooks and maintain the API.

Didn’t know about that. What scripting languages and operating systems does it support?

That sounds great! Are you planning to add more scripting languages (else it’s scriptable with only JavaScript, which isn’t everyones cup of tea ;)).

//EDIT: Also if you plan to add more scripting languages: Will plugins written in different languages be able to share data (like permissions plugin written in JavaScript gives an API for, well, permissions and some random plugin written in LUA needs to check permissions) ?

LeatherLoader mods are based on C#. I understand that’s not everyone’s thing, but it’s my thing so that’s what I’m gonna do. I’m committed to making sure that Leather & xEnt’s/Equifox’s thing are compatible, so you can get the best of both worlds. xEnt & Equifox are some of the top community people in terms of knowledge of IL injection right now, so I’m pretty confident that this new thing is gonna be pretty great. :slight_smile: Best of luck to them and I hope more open source options leads to more people going with open source mods.

Promodeus will be Open Source when it launches, but it only supports C#.

This is a thread reserved for actual working stuff.

Also pretty sure you stated you wanted to give exclusive rights out, SO MUCH FOR THAT EY?

Actually it is working! It’s coming together very well.

There will be no exclusive rights, Promodeus will be free to use by anyone.