We need a prop of the circus afro

You know i was thinking that perhaps we should have a prop of The circus afro meme from the madagascar 3 trailer. in case no one knows what it is: http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/circus-afro-afro-circus go know about there. Perhaps it could be a recolor of the Demoman afro props hexed on garrysmod.org? anyone agree with this?

circus afro wasn’t even funny the first time it was used

also good use of your first post

We don’t need any meme-based props whatsoever.

We really don’t need a rainbow afro

Normal afro, maybe, but not a rainbow afro

Here’s why;

  1. You posted the request in the wrong section.

1.5. The thread belongs here; http://www.facepunch.com/forums/44

  1. It’s a meme.

  2. It will attract little kids.

  3. Three quarters of the time, little kids are[sp]evil[/sp]mingebags on Gmod

  4. [sp]http://gmod.wikia.com/wiki/MingeBag[/sp].

[SUB][SUB][SUB][SUB][SUB][SUB][SUB][SUB],[sp]I’d have a 6th reason here, but that would cause a flame war, and that never ends well[/sp][/SUB][/SUB][/SUB][/SUB][/SUB][/SUB][/SUB][/SUB]

  1. Quote from KYM; “It is known for being extremely annoying and obnoxious to many people.”

[SUB](There is a 6th reason, but it’s too tiny for me to edit).[/SUB]

[SUB][SUB][SUB][SUB][SUB][SUB]8. It will open up a new level of crappy Gmod pics on Deviantart that would be so bad, my eyes would burn out of my skull.[/SUB][/SUB][/SUB][/SUB][/SUB][/SUB]