We need a "Redo" button for Gmod.

Don’t you hate it when you JUST deleted a important prop in your construction part buy accidentally hitting the Z key?

I do.

Why not a redo key? Is it so hard?

I bound my undo button to save, and then redo. So that if I fuck up, I have a save ready.

i totally agree with this.

there should also be a button for undo last action DETAILED EDITION. so instead of just deleting props, it undoes the last action. so lets say i completly messed up posing an arm which made it so that some of my props whent haywire. press x or some other key and it undoes that pose…

YES! I’ve always wanted a redo button in GMod :frown:

There’s a few problems. How would you “redo” a prop movement without somehow undoing every last physics effect it has caused since it was moved? Also, how do you define “redoable”?

This would be good for NON-physics based effects- like color.

Then you could make a script that constantly redoes and Undoes props,causing the server to crash.

Shit yes. Wanted for ages.

You can already crash servers with the console if you know what you’re doing :smile:.

Advance Duplicator… it brings back what you worked on earlier
even if you undone everything

I worked on my “mansion” construction which I actually took 2 - 3 sessions to complete

you can save an in-progress work and continue the next day

or having your construction done without rebuilding everytime you play gmod

This works alright.

This would fucking useful (like deleting small thrusters with the remover tool, andthen accidently shoot your creation)

But imagine you undo a vital part of your construction and everything comes down, I can understand it would be hard to code an undo button for such cases. Perhaps it’d save the positions of the parents, but then I think undoing will make your game freeze for half a second or so.

I’d find this infinitely useful…

I’d also like an undo for the Remover tool - because frequently I try to remove lots of small objects, and misclick, and remove the big object they were on…
This especially makes me rage if it was multi-parented - if you remove the parent, the “children” get removed too.

I think it would be buggy on tools that hasn’t come with garrysmod.
Because I think you would have to recall all the variables that was once on that constraint/spawned entity, like the constraints position and other variables.
It would also be laggy with multiplayer servers because it would have to send a bunch of data to data files.

If you’re tired of accedently undoing shit, just unbond the z key and use the menu to undo shit


Should be implemented.

Good idea

Cliffy B. of the Unreal engine company has a make better button. Can we get one of those?

Those aren’t complaints. Those are Gmod in a nutshell.


Do you have any idea how much ram this would take up

It would be like saving the entire game every second and having to load it up again instantly…


Yes, actually, it is that hard.

Unless you just want to put a prop back with the same constraints.

If you want to redo it like if you drop a frozen ragdoll’s arm or something, you are out of luck. No rewinding of time here.