We need an iPhone/Android app!

Title says it all, we need that! Well at least I do, it will be so much more accessible! Would make my life easier

For what? Very vague post.

For example… I would love a Android port of Rusty so I could keep track of my server throughout the day. I have the Steam app that lets me talk to members of our server group and that suffices for now, but admin control of my server while I’m away would be nice :wink:

There ARE apps… Not to mention your smartphone has an internet browser and there’s like 4 Rust wikis out there.
Use the search.

You could make a webbased rcon which you can access with you phone.

Here are two things I found… All I had to do was search for “Android”. Is that really so hard?


No sorry guys I din’t make my self clear in my post, I ment a Facepunch app!


There is also a Facepunch app… Did you even look in the app store before posting here?

What do you want that app to do? Apps for Facepunch already exist.

Why did you post this in the Rust section when it has nothing to do with Rust? There is more to the forum than this, you know.

Yes I did search the app store and could not find anything. I want to app to simply access the forums. Instead of using a browser

I’m using the app right now, having downloaded it immediately after seeing this thread. just search Facepunch into the Play Store on Android and it’s the first result…

I have an iPhone.

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It looks like there is an app then so no point of this thread, could someone remove it?

App Store.

IOS user.

It’s worth pointing out that the people who develop mobile apps for Facepunch do not typically feel like spending cash and going through Apple’s app approval process just for a free, no-ads app that might get used by a couple thousand people at best. So Android is better supported, since you can just load the .apk.

S’all about dat Droid, did you know my HTC One is made out of a single piece of aluminum? :tinfoil:

PM a mod, like postal, for a thread lock. Don’t be shy, being proactive about your threads is better than waiting for them to find it.