We need camouflage paint netting etc!

Was trying to think of something that could be easily implemented and perhaps also add more crafting and resources to the game…so was thinking camouflage!

How it would work is something along these lines: Make it a dropped recipe could even be few different kinds for different terrain ie Grey for mountain areas, green/brown for tree lines and woods then yellow/green for grasslands well you get the idea.

The camouflage paint could be made from crushed stone, wood fiber, grass and so forth as for the netting that guess could be made from the cloth we get from animals? Could see this being very handy for hiding yourself when you need to log for the night or for hunting (animals or players), while this would not be practical for huge player made building for 1-2 room ones the netting could prove very useful?

Just a few rough ideas.

I already mentioned this. If it was me I would use a few branches to cam up the hut a bit break up the sharp straight lines.
Makes sense to conceal and wouldnt be game changing or breaking just another fun element.
Also a cool feature would be guard dogs that acts as proximity alarm for players by barking or pursuing like the wolves do. Re heal and keep alive by feeding raw chicken.

I had mentioned it also in a thread on the old forums but did not really flesh out the idea, there was so much wrong with the game that it was a very low priority.

But your idea along with perhaps some camo paint for the characters (would wear off or can be removed as needed) would be a nice combination I think! :slight_smile: