We need Defence weapons!!

arent u guys sick of coming online and see that u base got raided?
or when u come online and u hear like 5 people running around in ur house?
i have a 5 block high house + its next to another 5 block high house from my friend and EVERYTIME i get online i hear footsteps
its like a 6th sence for me that i know when my base is getting raided…

isnt it way better to be able to make defence weapons?
and im not talking about automatic turrets supply’d with rockets… fuck no
just simple claymores or tripmines made from explosives

and also i wanna say that u guys have to get rid of the:

  • M4
  • MP5
  • Shotgun (spas 12)
  • All super detailed pistols (p250, m9,future pistols)

i mean its fine to have custom made pistols like a revolver… but i dont see any logic in making a fully detailed M4, laser, flaslight, holo sight and a supressor with just iron scrapmetal
it doesnt fit the logic or the game, its fine to have Pipe shotgun, Handcannon and the revolver, and ofcourse the bow, bcoz those are actually handmade pieces of shit wich any1
that knows something about guns can make, just please remove all the bullshit from shit game.

even C4 is kinda okay, u can make those if u know how to do it.
but these are just my thoughts, comment ur thoughts about how the game should progress in the future.

i believe the modern weapons are going t be rare drops requireing special facilities to make. or needing multiple components in order to make them. so the weapons now are just temporary. As for the defensive weapons id love to have some kind of booby trap. Trip wires or rock falls, trap doors, hell, even having a stack of logs up on a hill that could be released. I think those basic primitive mechanisms would work best for the game environment

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Another thought would be camoflage. Being able to desguise your buildings with tree branches or bushes, or different paint camos

those are pretty good idea’s, but lets just see if Garry actually implements these idea’s