We need 'explosive forcers' from Gmod9 back

Old Gmod9 users should know very well that explosives such as dynamite and explosive barrels can be used to launch projectiles through the air. It allows players to build simple cannons without the use of wire forcers that you need to make a cannon work in the latest version of Gmod.

My very first successful contraption every in Gmod was an artillery truck which used a HL2 truck with wheels axised on the side, a small ramp in the back, a dynamite at the front end of the truck bed and a wall to separate the dynamite from the ammo, which was explosive barrels that were launched by detonating the dynamite and then explode as the dynamite also caught the barrel on fire.

Just in case you can’t visualize what this looked like here’s the model restored to its former glory

Now if I attempt to use that system right now with the latest version in gmod, the explosive barrel doesn’t move and just blows up in the truck. It would be lovely to be able to get this to work again without resorting to loading up Gmod9.

Shame this isn’t around now, but a good work around is to use a turret, put the force as high as you need, and set the damage of the bullet(s) to total just over 10, that way it’ll set the barrel on fire and launch it too.

I agree, physics explosions would be a lot of fun, and not very hard to implement (?).

isn’t this it?

  1. Probably broken