We need Flags!!

One thing that is missing from this game is the ability to create groups or clans in the game, which could be able to choose a banner or image to the clan.
For example / groupe LOL
Why? Countless times I find myself in a shootout 10x10 and do not know exactly who is friend and who is foe …
I have to keep asking my friends, are you standing on the stone? or are you are running or an enemy? This makes us often miss the chance to win a battle.
The game desperately needs a mechanism for identifying who is your friend or your group.

It would be great if you could also place a banner of the group, on top of the house.

Who agrees?

Already possible.

There is an Oxide mod that we have installed on our server over at www.reddit.com/r/RedditRustCommunity that allows for the creation of groups and group chat.

Flags aren’t a thing yet though, sadly.


Identify friends more easily in the game is more important than those other things you said.