We need help!

This isn’t a thread to bitch about the game, Its just a thread asking for Abit of advice.

Me and a friend has started on a PvP server and are finding it hard to handle with a group of 5 guys in a mansion on a hill. They camp us 24/7 and raid us every minute or so.

We do not have much to fight back with as they have full Kevlar armour and m4’s compared to our pistols and mp5’s, and our house isn’t really that big and defensive.

Me and my friend are finding it hard to deal with the “trolls”(Let’s call them trolls) and are wondering ** if we could have some advice how to deal with the situation.**

Me and my friend wish not to leave the area as it contains large amount of loot.

Could anyone give us some tips?

This isn’t a cry about the game, just asking for some help.

Thank you for your help and advice!!!



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no no i have no idea what to do when it comes to that situation

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My advice, move. Find a quieter location. If you live in a location near good loot spawns then you should expect this kind of trouble.

I agree with Specialllama, allthough just prepare youreself youll get raided there too, and that it might not be different, just try to build your base, and make it defendable. Because in my travels i havent come across and actual “safe” area WITH recources, if you want to be really safe you could stay as far away from everything as you can but then you will have a hard time gathering.