We need moderation in THIS fourm.

(No I don’t want to be a moderator)
Just by looking at the front page I can show you 6 crap threads and 1-2 crap users. 1 sort of advertisement and 3-5 wrong sections.
I have no clue if this breaks the rule, Garry never said moderation on this fourm. I will in fact show you the threads and users if you want.

See that small icon just below avatars? With the yellow stripe across it? Yeah, use it.

Thats partially what makes this section great.

What that notebook with the pencil just wondering don’t wanna hit that by mistake and report a post with a stupid reason

Except that doesn’t happen. Click the icon, and you get a small menu like the below.


ok thanks

There’s nothing wrong with helping someone. The only time it starts to get annoying is when new users completely ignore FAQ’s, wikis, etc.

I don’t like using the report button unless it’s really serious. If it’s just a retarded post like most of them in this forum then I won’t waste a mod’s time with a report of it. I just wish they payed more attention in this forum.

I know but isn’t it worse when they post a thread asking the question with a sticky saying what they are trying to find right above the thread :l
Anyways let’s not go to far offtopic