We Need People On this awsome server u guys should enjoy it :D has everything read the description server used 2 be full

hi everyone is welcome to make a nice base/home on our server :slight_smile:
atm we have ±20 active players on the server arround midday evening and are looking for more
Hackers will be banned we dont need hackers on the server
settings of the server

pvp - on
sleepers - on
airdrop - airdrop starts at 5 players
massdrop - 2 times a day when the admin is online (manual drops atm )

the mods and setting on the server are

econ mod - a money system that allow u to buy and sell items ( money is earned by kiling zombies animals people and doing quests
quest mod - gives you some basic missions to earn items and money
group system - make a group with your friend and have the option to turn friendly fire on
kits -a starter kit to give you some items to get starter1250 wood hatchet food bow pants
basealarm - alarms u when ure base gets raided when your on the server
ticket - to report cheaters/bugs/questions
ping - see ure ping on the server
list - see who is online
door share -share your door with friends
bounty - add a bounty on a player
stats - see the top 10 players on the sever
deathmessage - see who gets kiled by who on the server
chathistory - see the last 20 lines of the chat

fast join press f1 and type
net .connect

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