we need pve servers

we need pve servers you got 10 pvp

Yeah I just posted on that like 10 minutes ago… There are way to many pvp servers… i liked it when they had the pve server, Though it kinda got ruined by the sleeper thing… People usually log with all the good stuff but with sleepers you can kill them… But by adding sleepers your basically putting pvp into pve servers, So im just saying dont add sleepers to a pve server… It totally takes away the point of “PvE”


Some People like to play without pvp.

Some people like to care more about Pixels, you’re right.

this isn’t a pve game go back to wow.

and whats WoW got to do with PvE ? since it has both.

But, how come the PvE ppl dont bother the PvP ppl on the forum, but the sec a PvE guy ask about the PvE server all the PvP ppl jump at him like flies on a turd.

And im sure you will see more PvE servers once it hits steam, the im guessing the 1 PvE server they got atm got bugged and went down and will be up again one of the next few days, since im sure they also just had a weekend.

WoW Got a carebear PvP style. No full loot, and only arenas etc. That’s not PVP if you ask me.

You might be right about that we’ll see more PvE servers. The reason for it is obvious - Carebears.

Just saying.

I do agree with PvP in WoW now aint like how it was when it first came out, i always played wow on PvP servers (until i stopped playing WoW), and back in the days you always had to keep an eye around you for others that would jump you while lvling.

But, back to Rust :slight_smile: From how i understand what Garry’s dream with the game, it wont realy matter if your on a PvE or PvP server, since i understood it as he want it to be more like a community, where you ofc will end up with diff factions of ppl, some just wanna be bad guys and kill everyone, and others wanna build a town, and a town will ofc have ppl protecting it. and im loving that idea. kinda remind me of “The Postman” a movie with Kevin Costner.

erm well we do need pve servers if you ask me. because maybe for you all survival games come naturally, but some people, including me, have 0 experience in survival games, let alone pvp ones where a person will shoot you just because. pve server at least prepares you to survive vs the environment, and after you’re a little more experienced, you can go to a pvp server where you will now be prepared to do a little better.

I agree, where are the PvE servers already? An update on this would be nice. Are they ever coming back? Let me know so I can forget about this game if they don’t.

And for the love of god people please stop feeding the trolls. When you make a post about wanting PvE in a game like this your always gonna get the alpha gamer in here calling you carebear and stupid crap like that. Just ignore them, the’re not worth the time to be honest.

Its weekend, im sure you will see the PvE server again tomorrow or tuesday.

Yea I’m sure they will but I can’t wait, I love the PvE game…

i just like it cause you can focus more on finding bugs, w/o looking over your shoulder all the time.

Sorry to be ignorant but I have never played on a PVE server. The idea doesn’t make sense to me. Wouldn’t people be able to raid your house without you being able to stop them?

<----- Is waiting for pve to come back :frowning:


that sounds like less fun than being no-clip robbed

I like it cause I can actually, ya know, play the game. And it’s not without it’s PvP elements. Still gatta worry about raids. And Still gatta sleep in game.

But thing about PvE is I can get a good foothold in.

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This is true but guess what, most of us can’t stop them on PvP server either lol. Full kevlar and M4’s on each person c4ing my door. Yea I got a pistol and maybe some leather armor? Not gonna happen.

Becides at least on PvE it’s way easyer to get a good start cause you can gather without getting gunned down all the time.

Every post I’ve seen from you has been condescending to the point I’d believe you think of yourself as a god.

Your opinion is no better than any others persons, the devs obviously had a PvE server up to please us so I’m pretty sure our opinion counts just as much as yours. Sorry that some people dislike joining a game, getting shot in the face, respawning, and repeating. It gets really annoying when balancing has already been stated by the devs themselves as an issue that hasn’t been addressed yet.