we need roads back

so i remember reading that garry & team dont really want to put in premade buildings, leaving everything to be player built. thats pretty good in my book. but one of the iconic things about legacy is the track that ran around/through the radtowns. the road is its own kind of landmark. memorizing slight turns in it, etc. knowing how a part of the road looked was one of the ways i could instantly tell what part of the map i was on in legacy. it also led to players building rest stops or even toll booths. we have all been on a server that had store or kitchen of some sort, built off the road, there to help travelers. or shacks where men would KOS the unsuspecting traveler and steal their gear, or stick them up.

not only are roads viable landmarks and symbols of civilizations, as i play experimental and i see endless hills and valleys, beautiful though they are, it just all looks so empty. now maybe the devs are planning on bringing roads into the random generation of server-worlds in the future, but i havent seen talk of it. and i dont want them to forget just how important roads can be. whether they put a random seed in for just one giant road, or several roads, or paths, even if they just suddenly stop and arent circular, they are great for serving in a sense of community.

I’m really with you on this. I thought it might’ve been a good thing for the map to be divided in a bunch of biomes (for instance: the northern biome has a lot of snow etc… southern is more tropical).

Every biome could have their own ‘landmarks’, which will, regardless of the variation in seed, every time be spawned into the biome that ‘fits’ them (artic base in the north and a bunch of temples in the jungle down south for instance) (placing would differ with seeds though).

I’m not a programmer and i know nothing about game design, so i don’t know if it’s possible or not… But it would be cool to divide maps in biomes, add certain landmarks to these biomes and maybe even add roads (generated automatically) to add some sort of a recognisable landscape.

Don’t get me wrong: i love the new version of Rust. The one thing i really started to love about the legacy version is how into the map you get… and how much it changes everything you do, because you know the map so well. All in all i’m just hoping that next to seeds there will be a possibility for the community to make certain static maps… which can be played in the future. :slight_smile: I’m guessing there’s a big chance that this is possible, seeing as how responsive FP is to their community. The Legacy map remade for ‘Experimental’ Rust would be awesome for instance. Not even thinking about all the improvements that could be made to it. :slight_smile:

I think even the premade buildings are important 'cause there has to be any mention to the old civilization since those buildings should last for many years

I really like the whole concept of ‘zones’ where you have to go and compete with other players for things like plans (to research) or to find all the other stuff that you can find in all the rad towns. So i’m really hoping that they will keep all of that in the game. I’m guessing they will, since they are working on the rad suit and all of that. :))

i vaguely remember discussion about pathways forming based on where players are walking; not sure if it is still planned for implementation, but that would probably be the most effective method of creating roads etc that actually align to the areas people populate the most;).

Maybe they can put some abandoned railway tracks, its only follows one direction with beginning and end (unlike the roads), maybe south to north,
i think this will be more cool, and easier to do than the roads. maybe add some abandoned stations too…


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Sorry to disagree but here is the reason why

ok this is from a thread a while back but
this thread http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1393103

Trello refs to buildings and roads



with these refs and the higher Tech level of items than expected (by most people) building/structures + rad areas i think buildings and roads are a definite possibility.

Footfall tracks (movement heat paths) have been discussed but only on the forums as far as i have seen but think its a great idea, (could run from the lerp lines generated by all moving items within unity)

Railroad tracks are cool but i don’t think that much metal would still be around as it would have been scavenged (instead of people harvesting rocks) but would look nice

I heard roads will appear automatically where lots of people walk. One of the developers mentioned it a while ago.

I have never heard this and hope it never happens. You’ll either never have roads or they’ll change a lot, or they’ll lead right to players bases…procedural roads as part or the map are doable, they should stick to that so the road can be used as a reliable tool for navigation.

If abandoned or non-abandoned railroads were added…

It would be neat to be able to construct items like these:

Hope they are back in :confused:

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If abandoned or non-abandoned railroads were added…

It would be neat to be able to construct items like these:


I was thinking the same thing. Or google ‘rail bike’ and ‘motorized rail bike’ for some options that might be within the realm of legacy rust tech possibility.

I saw the bike, lol. Good idea also.

depends on the required activity to create the road, and how long it lasts for;) besides, presuming that players will stay near the roads as landmarks, you could just follow the procedurally generated road to players bases too:)

Right but that is a choice they make at the time of construction. It would be potentially inevitable the other way. The requirements for it would be insanely difficult to balance and track that information.

I agree that there should be no premade buildings, but like the idea of roads, both as landmarks and symbols of civilizations / community. I also liked Magafago’s idea of an abandoned railroad, with the possibiliy to craft a hand-crank cart/buggy or something. I also liked sehvi’s idea of having different geological zones, (ie, snowy to the north, more tropical to the south, desert in the middle, etc.).

I would absolutely love the idea. But rather natural paths than roads like they would appear in real life when hundreds of people are strolling through the meadows.
Programmatically it’s defintely doable however I don’t know if it’s a problem that the server must track your steps for that. That might be too much overhead?

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I feel that a Handcar will bring many funny situations of people escaping by mashing their spacebars button to pump faster and faster to avoid being shot at.

Oh, and, if this thing is ever included, please add a speed cap before someone makes a turbo-pumping button-macro and flies in outer space with it.


It would also be helpful in that situation to have free look, not a fixed camera so you know where you’re going. It could be useful to allow a second user to help.

Imagine a few on a track and telling people to drive faster, lmao.

I love the rails and the handcar idea!!