We need server admins on Official Servers.

This guy who guys by the name of “Bitch Nigga” has been aimbotting people on North America 4 all day. He has a group of around 2-3 buddies who also hack. We need admins on official servers or mods or even get a anti cheat that works because clearly vac isn’t enabled. There is people who use Chinese/Korean letters and like Symbols as names and even on private servers admins can’t ban them because they can’t find there names. Back on my point is garry either needs too implement a better AntiCheat or a way for Mods/Admins on Official servers.

agreed, im waiting for this thread to get locked and banned now.

You can ban there id.and we have banned lots of koreans and others

But on the official servers no one gets banned this is where most of the hackers are… and this is where I have all my hard work put into.

Sorry i meant to say you should play on community servers since theres active admins on them.

I mean I did but I just got all my good stuff on official and i’d rather not have to switch and work my ass off again lol.

yea i dont blame you on that.

Hey when we pay for a game alpha or not… The official servers should still have something to stop hackers like… An admin?

That’s like opening up a restaurant and selling people a dinner then having the restaurant empty with a sign saying buffet in pub next door

It’s an official servers… in every game I have played the official servers are the safest and the community ones either have hackers or admin abusers, we shouldn’t have to be on a community server, the official ones should be moderated

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Community ones are not reliable as the one hosting it can stop playing at any time and close it

the admin can abuse powers when ever they like or do air drops for their friends

You might kill an admin or an admins friend and get banned

Official servers should be safe!

I feel like the admins would abuse on the official servers to.

I’m sure they would be able to get someone reliable…

Do you believe that all admins abuse?

I did not say all do i just feel like some would abuse.

i dont think it’s a good idea to have moderators for official servers, i think their idea is to make the system so they won’t have to rely on moderation, VAC, and bug fixing will address it all without havign to deal with moderators from the community

I am pretty sure at this point that hacking and duping is allowed on official servers. It would take someone to be severely mentally retarded to not be able to simply go online and walk around for an hour and spot the offenders.

Game is turning into a bad joke, alpha or not.

I agree that official servers should have some form of moderation, however admins can’t really do that much to help. It’s not like admins can see every hack all over the map all the time… I don’t think having admins in the official servers would help.
Also, you rather unfairly attack community servers and their admins. Not all of us abuse our powers or recklessly ban people… there are PLENTY of awesome community servers that are consistent and fun.


This game is 100% broken at the moment due to the incredible amount of hackers which includes looting through walls, aimbotting, spawning infinite supplies of any item, ESP (seeing people across the map), being able to see loot containers through walls, etc. I also played on North America 4 for over 80 hours building and rebuilding houses constantly just to have them raided by a few hackers and have every single supply crate and anything worth value demolished in a matter of minutes. Not to mention every single portion of my 5 story house destroyed by the infinite amount of C4 they had on them. A few hackers I have come across are: Wizard of War (who imitated Chow from The Hangover… cute), a guy named " - ", Bitch Nigga, MOFO NOFO, the list goes on and on. Something really needs to be done about this seeing as Rust is not even on the VAC enabled list at the moment (so much for being VAC secure…). Until then my experience has been totally and utterly burnt to the ground by the insane influx of these cheating pricks.

Shit i’d be an admin on a Official server. :smiley:

I have never seen an admin, on a Offical Server o0