"We never change" Metrocop realizing what he's done



Excuse the broken window, I accidently spawned Liberty Prime.

Artistic’s if you like it!

Great job, but whats with the windows, It looks like plaster covering o.o

That’s supposed to be snow :saddowns:


Updated with better snow :c

pretty cool and sad. the angle is a bit weird


The Shoop! It Burns!

I mean seriously, the Unmasked guy looks like a maggot popping out of it’s shell…

and how long is his head??

Pretty good.

what are you talking about


maggots don’t even have shells

Really nice, but the only thing I don’t like is that snow, it’s too sharp and should be blurred a little bit.
Great work otherwise.

I didn’t know they were humans

I personally like it, and they are human.

CP’s are human.

If you played through Hl2 AT ALL you would have known that.

Hell, you find out in the Demo version.

I have played through all of hl2 but they talk too much so I can’t remember the stuff.

Let me explain it for you then:

Civil Protection officers are non-synth humans, who hasn’t undergone any kind of surgery to add ‘robotic’ parts to their body/nerve system. Often only (as stated by a citizen in the trainstation, right after the CP asks you to pick up the can.) just to get a hot meal and a place to sleep, instead of food rations and shitty apartments.

Combine Soldiers are humans who has undergone surgery to have ‘robotic’ parts added to their body/nerve system, thus becoming part Combine, part human.

Combine Synths (Gunships, Striders, hunters…) are animals taken from the Combine homeworld and/or other worlds that the Combine have conquered. They are animals who the Combine have added robotic parts too, guns, stuff like that.

I don’t know about that one.

If I remember correctly, that’s the way it is.


Please, by all means, correct me if I’m wrong.


I think I read it in some Wiki a long time ago.

I like it.

The only thing i don’t like its snow, it looks like it is in window, instead of outside.
Maybe lower the opacity a bit.

The posing on the guy looks to stiff.