"We never change" Soldier shooting at stuff


*Shadowing/dodging (Due to popular complaint.)

Compare: http://comparescreenshots.slicx.com/comparison/25976

A quick pose to improve my muzzle and shadowing.

Acid shooting guns ftw :smug:
Everything is floating lol.

Nice, only thing I really have to say is that his stance is a bit awkward.

The lighting is quite nice, and the dodging looks decent I suppose.
However the muzzleflash is way to yellow and solid, what’s with the sparkles? It’s a flash/tiny explosion not a light show, try and get rid of that crap.
I think there are some better methods out there for making shadows then burning, like making it with brushes then changing the opacitys and or layer properties and whatnot, but if you do insist to dodge, at least isolate your stuff

The shading is quite an improvement. Nice work on that.
Your shading on the background is really lazy though - it looks quite random, none of it was isolated and you can see the curvature of the big, soft brushes you used.

Muzzleflash is okay, but it needs to be white in the central areas.

Camera angle is quite dull.

The stance is wierd looking.

paintball exploded in the barrel appearantly lolol spelling error