We raided dupers.

So these guys had a wooden house that we raided, and in less than 24 hours… here is what we see.
Now of course, these guys MUST be dupers, or admins.

We build into this house, instead of taking out a billion doors.

After raiding it, this is the loot we get. (The metal house parts)

And here is the other metal house from the roof of which we raided. These guys did NOT farm this in less than 24 hours.
Funny part is we actually moved servers because of dupers… and these guys are in the SAME EXACT spot as the other dupers. LOL

Mind saying what server is that?

or an admin base.

Nice Building,but as you say.Its impossible to farm the Stuff for this in 24 hours.Or you have 10-20 guys which farm permanently.At the point their are not so much guys,if they have no BP for this its not possible.

But the House is a nice work :wink:

Maybe they ahev another base with stuff and u don’t raid 2nd base =) we build 2, 3 or 4 bases with my friends and we are 7

while its quite true that there could be many people from many buildings contributing to this new metal base, just as NO ONE used grim ward in diablo 2, NO ONE is gonna be sitting on 241 metal foundations without duping them for fun.

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To top it off… when we raided the wooden house, there were only two people in it. And that’s where I got all the guns you see in my inventory too. xD Dupers or Admin.

Admin base, quite likely they spawned in 250 metal foundations then just used 9 from that stack

i’d say based off the different amount of slots on the M4s it was an admin.

Could be dupers, the BIU guys play on that server a lot and they are known dupers and rock glitchers.
I’ve cleared them from a few servers before. (grief the hell out of their house with their own duped supplies)

well technically M4s arent a good tell if someone is duping, i accumulate tons of them over time just by happening to win fights against someone who has won fights against someone else, or raiding a base etc etc since guns do not decay or get used up. whereas my income of metal building parts is horribly small

Well, looks like I will be avoiding that server if that is the case.

Just for that… gunna go back to d2 and throw grim ward on a barb

hahaha thats actually nothing compare to some guys we raided in a japan server
render lag was just 2 much and they made a metal base i can better say a metal town
because there were over 6 houses like the one you posted we raided 1 and it was just 2
many to take with us over we saw over 10.000 metal fragment 200 off eery building matrial like
foundations and stuff over 100 m4`s like 200 c4 etc etc its just 2 much we didnt count the amount
off boxes because there were 4 in every room full with high end gear so yeah

Edit: Duping players make me quit this game for now Lets see how its gonna be in a couple off weeks


Yeah that building takes some epic time regardless.

That’s right! Hey aren’t you the guy who called me a baddy when I chased you with a pistol? After you took the care package! Then I said I know where you live… and… well you know the rest. xD