"We Rigged these speakers to the thing, Pretty nice if you ask me!" - huey pilot



:v: quickie

Attention Vietkong, stop being douches

They actually did this well on both sides.
the cong stuff pretty much said the GIs should go home and be with their families instead of a foreign land.
and the US stuff pretty much us saying that we would not stop and we had more resolve

Song fits with your avatar.

Learn somethin 'ereday

What was the name of that one woman the vietcong always had on the speaker system? Jane or something, they called her. Always referred to US troops as “G.I. Joe”.

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oh it was Hanoi Hannah

You learned that from BFBC2 Vietnam :stuck_out_tongue:

Hanoi Hannah is actually hardly heard in BC2 Vietnam, if you want to hear her you should be playing Battlefield: Vietnam

the best vietnam game

speaking of which the Hanoi Hannah in question was one of various, but she was the most prominent

Didn’t the US soldiers play “Ride of the Valkyries” on speakers on there hue’s to scare the Viet cong? I
think I read somewhere that they did…

Actually as far as I remember that came from a movie (don’t remember which, bite me), but then again that could be based on some guys actually doing it

Apocalypse Now

beat me to it :zoid:

Is the title a reference to Kelly’s Heroes?