We Seed What We Take

I have started a group on Steam called “We Seed What We Take”. Please join this group if you will seed whatever you download from garrysmod.org for at least some period of time.

EDIT: If you join, post a comment on the group page/this thread saying whatever you’re seeding, just so people understand that we’re not joking around.

I joined. Do I get a prize for being first to join? :smiley:

Seeding is nice, but it isn’t really nessesary in this case, because garry have multiple servers seeding the files already

You get this:


@BINARY: But we can help improve download speed/reduce load on said servers freeing up bandwidth cost for use for other things on gmod.org (like maybe better searching).

it makes us feel good though

And what he said.

It is a good cause, because maybe if we do have seeding garry might not have to use that many servers.

Wow… for once the cookie offering actually looks good… Most people get oatmeal and raisin or some crap like that.

As for why we seed, it is just plain helpful for everyone.

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I’ll post it later. I’m a bit busy right now.

I’ll seed for about the 3 seconds it takes for me to click Stop and Remove

Does that help guys?

I seed everyday 23 hours a day

Whats seeding ? :C

When you download somthing and then share

Seeding is when you’re done with your torrent but you don’t remove it. Instead, you allow people to download it from you.


Not much right now, but I haven’t downloaded much(for my self) since the .torrent switch.



Got to feel the love.

Not seeding defeats the point of having Bittorrent in the first place, to save bandwidth.