We should be abble to melt tool and gun to get back metal fragment

I do not need a crate full of pickaxe and unused gun and thing… so if I can melt it back to metal it could be more usefull.

And the process should take a lot less time than cooking metal ores since it’s already pure metal.

We can also melt broken item as they are no longer usefull but still contain metal.

What do you think of this?

Great Idea! Recycling should have been introduced alongside repair benches, one slot is for repairing, the other is for breaking items down which give you a random amount of items back + The attached mods back.

if so they would have needed to make all metal items more expensive otherwise it would have been waaaay to easy to obtain metal.
atleast u should only get back a bit of metal not the full amount.

but if they could balance it out then it could have been a nice thing to add. then they could have made metal more rare.

I like this idea. But it should only return 50% of the metal it takes to create the item.

Yes, please, recycling +1. Rather than a fixed amount, it should return an amount based on it’s current condition. A brand new item should return more than an item about to break (new returning more than 50% IMO).

We could use some more resource sinks so that all the recycled mats didn’t just result in bigger houses.


Probably what Recycle Boxes are going to be used for.

Return 10% of the LQM or Metal Fragments(rounding down OR to 1 if below 1), and attachments are smelted along with it, not returning any metal.

So that 4 slot broken M4 = 3 LQM. Seems about right. Not able to be abused, but still worth doing.

Super extra insanely agree w/ this. Would be killer.

It’s weird throwing away metal pickaxe and other stuff to make place in your backpack for Metal ore.

And when looting someone if we can recycling, I may take the time to take more stuff.