We should have a Bill Murray NPC who wanders around in a server doing random actions

It would be funny to have a Bill Murray NPC, they would be immortal, have flying and insta-craft skills. This NPC would wander around the Server doing random acts, such as dancing near you, giving you random items, helping you farm a resource. For example you’re hacking away at a tree then suddenly Bill Murray turns up and starts chopping at the tree then gives you the wood he farmed, he smiles at you then flies away leaving behind a trail of sparkly dust and rainbows.

Yeah, that’d be cool playing a game all about surviving in a terrible world where you can’t trust anybody, when all of a sudden a golf caddy shows up out of nowhere farting rainbows and chopping down trees for you.

Oh wait no it wouldn’t.

you are so off your face right now XD

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