"We should of used the heavy duty bag." Blood seeping through a cheap body bag.

That’s going to make a mess!


Blood doesn’t fit

Looks faked.

I think it’s original and it’s pretty well done-

Just a few things, though. The carpet floor clashes with my eyes, so I would have picked something else, like wood-

And the blood seems a little weird on how it’s seeping, because it’s coming from 2 places and it’s hard to imagine what kind of wound went on in that area-

But still, good posing IMO. I liked it :D!

What does “should of” mean?

I think it’s slang for “should have”.

Those blood stains are pretty bad.

And I know you’ll probably rate me dumb for this, but the camera angle needs work.

I’ve been saying this for a year now; work on your camera angles.

+1 informative