We want the Old ore gather rates back

The old ore gather rates was very good balanced. Yes you had too much metall ore but nerfing only this ore isn t a problem. But we have only 0,5X gather rates. Making a stone house need 2X the time.

Who are “we”?

that “we” guy, always demanding shit without asking anyone else.




Well, ‘I’ think its good the way it is right now.

I’m actually finding too much metal idk about you, I wish there was a bit more stone though coming from the nodes, would help with early tools/shelter.

Not everybody loves grinding. But the hardcore Rust gamers without family and a job love the grind.

play on a modded server if you don’t have time to mine

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Play, like I’m playing:
Create clan, let people join it.
Join a game when you want, you will always have home and resources.

(User was banned for this post ("meme shit" - postal))

(User was banned for this post ("meme shit" - postal))

I agree maybe a bump in stone but everything else is fine.
Clans will alway have crazy amounts of stone, so this would help people who aren’t in big groups.

I always end up with way too much stones and always needing wood.

Ore gathering rates are the way they are because of the mining equipment now in the game. It’s to provide a sense of progression so you’re not hammering nodes 24/7. Once you get a secure area, then you can start auto mining your resources and you’ll only mine nodes when it’s convenient. It’s pretty good the way it is now.

The warehouse monument should be a lumber yard or something. All the crates could be filled with wood and maybe hatchets or something.

Could help out maybe.

Even so the stone from quarries can be a bit lacking. I think it would make sense that you would get more stone than ore, where as at the moment I get almost double ore total than stones from nodes/quarries.

Just raise the wood production please:
Rock 10
Stone Hatchet 30
Hatchet 50
Salvaged Axe 75

This gather rates would be perfect. But the community need more grind.
Rock 1
Stone hatchet 2
Hatchet 4
Salvaged Axe 7

salty that you’re lazy? if you want increased rates join a modded server.

No, “we” don’t.

Sorry but i dont want spend 9h farming per day. My real life is more important.