We wanted payback bad. And we got them when it really counted.

Maybe not the most fitted title but what ever. Here is a screenshot i made, with editing in photoshop.
Not the best but not my first. Just shoot out a opinion about it or something :wink:

Those combines are NPC:s. I smell it.

NPC:s should never, ever, ever be in a posed picture.
Faceposing is somewhat unfitting, but I can understand why you wanted to have it like that.
Fingerposing is allright.
General posing looks unfinished.
5-sec editing.
Pump the graphics up.
Get rid of that god-awful watermark.


I know it wasn’t particulary constructive, but I mean well. Practise makes epic.

Face looks like he just ran a marathon.

That face is hilarious

A friend of mine who watched me while i made it told me his face looked like he was taking a big crap… x’D
But yeah i was indeed lazy with using npc’s but i didn’t use much time on this it was just some work to eat some time i had. The npc in my point of view did their job as standing their and maybe for someone looking that they had a conversation while they where watched by a rebel.

But yeah it could be way more better i will admit that

Yeah, but i suggest that don’t pose if you are too lazy to pose the ragdolls yourself. :3:

I lol’d

But I don’t think that was what you were aiming for…

Rated you funny though… :v:

Lets see.


Shitty Faceposing


Fugly Edit






Bad Map

Have a


Lol’d. :smiley:

That guy looks like he is taking a huge dump.

Rape Face

Looks like he jizzed in his pants.