We Were So Wrong

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Recently I’ve got a really nice inspiration push as I had a talk with a friend of mine about how cool Prometheus movie could be and why does it suck. As a resault, here is the picture.

I’m not really sure what’s going on, but it seems like a girl, who is a pilot in Weyland-Yutani, is being hunted down by few Predators. Now two of them are about to finish her in some kind of sacrificial place inside the Space Jockey’s structure, while the rest of the kin are keeping incoming Xenomorphs on a distance.

The idea was to make the situation look really scary and hopeless.

Comparison: http://screenshotcomparison.com/comparison/138477

Posed in Garry’s Mod, edited via Adobe Photoshop.

That’s pretty cool but you should highlight the whole picture by raising the contrast, it’s like you want us to look at the light by the down left of the image.

i thought it was dishonorable to hunt females?

Probably it’s because I have increased brightness right now, my bad.

Not really, it’s ok to hunt women if they are armed, not deadly sick or pregnant.

With the exception of that yellow light to the left of the pilot, this is really good.

ah yeah, forgot. soz

Yeah, I wanted to make some artistic color shit, and made generic stupid shit instead. Life is full of surprises.

This pic is AWESOME

PD: the tail of the xenomorph on the left is a little bit strange isn’t?

He is alien, how do we know what is normal for it?

Just jokin’, you’re right, it’s a bit awkward.

I feel like your exposure and contrast are really weird again. Everything is falling into grays. Both darks and lights.

For some reason I misread the title as “We were so young” and I expected some Vietnam War pose or something, but this is good too, other than the grey highlights.

Yeah but she’s an artifical person. She’s not really “female” at all.

I didn’t imply that she is an android here.

Ah touche my friend.

I love it, at least its something out of the ordinary.

I believe it’s not very original, but not my usual shoot-n-run stuff for sure.

May I know what map that was?

I might do a source filmmaker movie or something in that one.

There a many different Yautja tribes with different ethics and codes, some will kill unarmed kids, like in the AvP graphic novels while the rest see honor in killing armed sport, swings and round-abouts with those outer space rascals.

Sure, it’s ha_long_treasures, very lovely map.

Awesome. Huge fan of AVP, not as much as Alien but I’d rather not get off course. No offense but if this takes place during Prometheus, Predators don’t exist. Like I said earlier though this pic is beast.