We were tempted by the dark side at first.

Some more than others.



It seems to me the light sticks are a bit desaturated and aren’t glowing at their full potential if they’re that close to an individual, maybe it’s just my pc brightness

The brightness shows up differently in GIMP for me.

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although lightsabers in the movies don’t give off any light.
at least for the original trilogy.

Francis face looks a bit jagged but the posing(also the faceposing) its great. Colors are quite nice too.

Technology was not as sophisticated back then.

Castro that looks Cool! sersly!

Faceposing mixed with the lighting is godlike


You know what i’m talking about … light sticks … the things that the jedi wield

Wrong, several times in Empire and Jedi I think ya find.

I went off the final duel in Jedi and they’re in the dark with their lightsabers and they don’t give off any light.
maybe in the prequels, but still.