"We won't last long in these tunnels"


We…? Who’s we? Is he talking to the Nosalises? :v:

The 2 Nosalises are talking to one another maybe?

There’s 3 of 'em. :v:

They call him off-screen Joe. He’s a true menace. [sp]I didn’t think about only posing one guy when I named the thread.[/sp]

the model seems to have terribly rigged fingers

It does, but there aren’t a whole lot of good quality metro models to choose from.

It looks great on everything except the way you posed him holding the AK, it looks so stiff, kind of a shame since it’s a great pic if you subtract the stiff arms part.

Ninja has a huge Metro 2033 ragdoll pack on his Steam Workshop profile that come with a shitload of variations and are pretty HQ. (Wich is separated on several parts due the size)